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Security Policy


The Clements Ribeiro website uses a secure server. All your personal information and credit card information between your PC and the server are transmitted in an encrypted form. Furthermore, your credit card details are not stored on a server that would be accessible via the Internet. This is a further step for your protection, only available by leading ecommerce sites.

Can't access secure pages?

If you are having trouble getting into secure pages, it may be because your browser, your corporate firewall or proxy has not been set up to allow access to secure pages. In these cases contact IT support at your company. Many companies access the Internet using a specially programmed computer known as a 'Firewall'. Any data coming in or going out has to get past the firewall first. The firewall may contain programs that mediate access between the Internet and the user.

Clements Ribeiro uses the industry standard secure server software (Secure Socket Layer - 128 bit SSL Global Server Certificate) in association with SagePay. Your financial and personal information, including credit card number, name and addresses, and phone number, are encrypted so that they cannot be viewed while travelling over the Internet. All personal information will then be stored on our isolated network, protecting it from any misuse or compromise.

Clements Ribeiro never takes payment for ordered goods until those goods are actually shipped or without the express prior consent of the customer.

Browser Warnings

Our website is designed to deliver you an engaging and enjoyable customer experience. In order to do this, it is necessary to use particular Internet software languages like Java Script. If you have activated the very highest levels of security on your browser, this sometimes disables Java Script automatically and inserts warning or dialogue boxes on https or secure web pages. Please enable Javascript if you see this, your data will still be 100% secure.

Any concerns?

If you have any concerns please call one of the Customer Services team on 0800 043 0246 (UK), Outside the UK +44 800 043 0246. The phone lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday GMT.


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